Three Piece Straight Alpha SIC Rods - Silicon Carbide Heaters

SIC heating elements India

Three pieces Alpha Rod features welded low resistance (LRE) cold ends which run cooler than any one piece cold ends. Heat is concentrated in the Furnace, not the ends, for energy efficiency. Maximum Temperature 1550° C.

Silcarb has been in the field of Manufacturing Silicon Carbide Heating Elements for the past three decades, with its plant located at BANGALORE, South India.

Silcarb, having established itself as a quality supplier of Silicon Carbide Heating Elements over the past three decades, has now introduced a state-of-the-art technology Furnaces for various applications.

Silcarb has one of the highest Hot: Cold ratios of 1:40, which makes it one of the most energy efficient Silicon Carbide Heaters.

silicon carbide heating elements